Photography with Go

Thanks to the power of the good folks at Theme Isle with their stunning Neve theme and the backup and restore plugin Duplicator we’ve put together a fully AMP compatible restaurant demo, ready for you to recreate on your own domain in just a few minutes. 

If you like what you see in this demo, give it a test drive on your own domain, or start your own restaurant project with the benefits of AMP with a headstart using the Neve theme. After installing you can also make use of the other Neve templates you can apply directly from your WordPress administrators panel. 

Some notes on this starter pack:

  • Neve Theme: This starter pack uses the free version of the popular Neve theme. If you like the theme and are looking to unlock more features and benefits checkout their premium version. 
  • Plugins: This theme makes use of various plugins, all AMP compatible.
  • Ongoing support: We don’t provide support for this quick start theme in the AMP plugin support forums. Please use the typical WordPress support channels for general WordPress, theme or plugin support. 
  • Images: You’ll find all images used on this quick start pack at, all free to use, even commercially. For full license information visit their website.

Use at your own risk: Our starter packs are not regularly maintained. They may include legacy theme versions and outdated plugins. It’s highly recommended to update the active